E-Agriculture: Climate Change Adaptation Strategies in County Government 19-21 Oct

Adoption of e-Agriculture by the county governments will boost the small holder farmers. The seminar has been organized to explore the role of various ICT tools in agriculture.  Development of web and mobile phone based agro-weather tool for dissemination of climate-information and weather forecast based best-bet agronomic management recommendations for farmers in Kenya is in the offing after the same had been piloted in Ehtiopia. The disseminated climate and crop information helps farmers manage weather risks, maximize productivity, and minimize the environmental impacts of farming practices. In addition to the web-based application for agro-weather Decision Support System (DSS), the tool also offers an android phone app, along with an IVRS and SMS module.
This will involve implementing a mobile application that the users will use to access the weather information and get recommendations on the best management practices. Also there will be the use of another application to disseminate the information in the form of SMS to the farming communities. Farmers will be able to send queries to a short code and access information depending on the crop they want to plant.
Another way, is through the Interactive Voice Response (IVRS) module which will be developed to disseminate information through voice to the farming communities in their languages. The County Government will also use other conventional media such as radio messages.
To harness the information and help in identifying the most apt choices for a specific area of the county, the solution has connected tools to a database and a decision support model linked to climate information obtained from the Meteorological Department. The database will be hosted in the county server or in the offices of the company
The County Government will initiate capacity building and knowledge dissemination workshops, aimed at strengthening the stakeholders in the agricultural sector by training them on how to better understand the climate variability and further expose them to online tools and strategies to help farmers access the quality information.
Benefits of the proposed system
a)Disseminating of farmer information by SMS. 
b)The system will empower the farmers from being at the mercies of the weather
c)County Governemnt of Nyamira will catch up with the digital world of e-agriculture. 
d)The system will give early warning signs to farmers in case of adverse weather so as to plan

Monday, October 8, 2018 - 00:45