Kenya’s vision 2030 is to create a globally competitive and prosperous nation with a high quality lifestyle; by transforming Kenya into a newly industrialized, middle-income economy. ICT is one of the pillars that has been identified to help drive this vision into reality by leveraging our development on knowledge-based economy. The government is championing for service delivery through ICT in order bring service delivery closer to its citizens through the initiatives of e-government.
Counties in the past have worked in tandem with private sector players to provide to enhance revenue collection through automation which has been achieved largely through on-line services (SBP applications, budget, by-laws, County info) and Short Message Services (land rates query, building permit status, and customer care). This has driven the uptake of ICT in the county governments. These have been positive strides in addition to the full automation of County revenue and expenditure through IFMIS
Counties are yet to embrace modern planning and spatial technologies in regards to revenue collection and enforcement. Use of GIS system in county governments would help to improve revenue collection, transparency, controlling leakages and to simplify the collection of revenue. The improvement and the uses of the system is an appropriate way to increase revenue collection. It will allow for visual display of revenue collection – what is collected where? How much is collected where? Who is collecting where? GIS system is able to show where the sources of revenue are located by using maps of the area, showing the value of these sources and display information of the revenue payment. It will allow the decision makers know where the highest/lowest revenue is coming from. GIS is still being viewed by many in the counties as a technical tool for the engineer and computer programmers.
The conveners of the seminar have organized this strategic seminar for senior County officials and
decision makers from the political & executive wing on the importance of GIS for enhancing revenue collection and compliance.. The seminar presentation will involve debates, case studies and presentations from industry, academia, Counties and stakeholders

Sunday, October 7, 2018 - 21:45