ICT for County Government

Expectations by wananchifrom the County governments cannot be understated. The truth of the matter is that fundsallocation from the  central government is thin leaving a big hole in the County budget, leaving the Counties with the option of enhancing the revenue from the local sources and sealing any loopholes in the revenue leakage in addition to operating efficiently.. County governments are faced with the task of revenue collection from the local sources and contribution from the Central government in order to offer the services. 

County governments have two core mandates; revenue collection and offering services from the collected revenue. Automation commonly referred to as computerization will address the two issues.

About the Seminar

The Computing Development Stratagies’ ICTFor Revenue & Service Delivery:Trends And Strategies For County Governments

seminar was initiated in recognition of world-wide interest among senior management in County governments to enhance the decision making process in acquiring and operating advanced information systems in their day to day busniesses. 

We recognize that every County government is an enterprise with a complex set of business processes which depend on an appropriate information system. The success or failure of an organization depends greatly on the ability of senior management to acquire the right system, build the right team for maintenance and the ability to enhance their employee’s capabilities to use the system effectively to operate the business and make better informed decisions. 

Counties have put aside huge amount in their budget for ICT investment. What will inform the amount of spending in hardware, software and people who will operate them?  The seminar will bring the management to understand in general what good ICT investment means and the role of a County ICT Strategic Plan. Though the seminar is ICT related content is designed for senior County managers who are decision makers in ICT procurement and have no previous ICT experience. It is particularly important for the decision makers to view ICT as a strategic investment that will drive realization of County financial goals and not seeing ICT as cost center 

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