Taveta Voi Water & Sanitation Company LTD (TAVEVO)

TAVEVO is licensed WSP under Coast Water Services Board. The company is located in Voi Town , and serves three towns namely Wundanyi, Taveta and Voi . The company faced challenges in providing services to its customers located in the three towns far from the head office in Voi town.  Customers were often forced to travel for long distance costing them money and time to come and get simple enquiries from the head office. The company sort to reduce the cost of doing business with the County by automating the services most namely balance queries and payment.  The company adopted mobile payment and SMS query/broadcast service to reduce the  cost of doing business. Again CDS was the preferred company to offer the service.
With a combination of our SMS service – QuickSMS, we integrated the billing system with SMS query service so that the clients could access their billing information from their mobile phones by sending a text to predefined short code 31155. Once customers got their balance, they had the option of paying by M-Pesa and get instant conformation of their details as the system was integrated to the QuickSMS portal for SMS broadcast.
This solution has saved the company’s customers and boosted their customer satisfaction survey greatly.